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Wolke WietjeAll content and information in the Wolkewietje website is for educational and entertainment purposes only, and is designed for mature (18+) audiences. Wolkewietje does NOT promote or advertise the use of marijuana or other illicit drugs, nor does Wolkewietje condone the viewing of this controversial material by minors. We strongly encourage those younger than 18 years of age to EXIT to a search site for more suitable content!

The Wolkewietje website contains content about the recreational use of marijuana and soft-drugs in general. Some of the subjects covered in the website include information about our coffeeshop, information about soft-drugs and Dutch drugs laws, various pot humour, pictures of cannabis plants and buds, links to other marijuana and drug related web sites and other controversial material.


I've read the website disclaimer, I am over 18 and it is legal for me to view this material.

I am a weenie.